Saturday, November 24, 2007

My Mom is Crazy . Well she always was wacky but now I think it is an illness

Nowadays everything is an argument . This morning "somebody ate all my tv dinners" . My response was well i wasn't me. Well you are going to buy more to replace them . "It wasn't me" . This goes on until I have to scream a the top of my lungs. Last time she was accusing me of losing the lids for her Tupperware milk cups. It got to the point that my nephew called the police because she was throwing things at me. Afterwards she admitted to dialing 911 then hanging up to "scare me" . Did she think that the police wouldn't show up ? When they did , which was pretty quick they came in I gave them all my information and they understood what was going on. MY MOTHER refused . After she had called she was combative , refusing to give them any information . They asked me if I thought " she would harm Tyler or I " I told them no. Later I look in the drawer full of Tupperware lids in the kitchen find 2 more and wash them

It is getting more difficult to not put this woman , who for the most part when she takes her medication is alright.

The other thing we fight about is her house. It is a MESS. Food on the countess, bugs . I went into a cabinet the other day to get some Ah-So Duck sauce. I knew it would be there . because she never throws anything out. It was there alright . I found two open jars both with expiration dates of 2005. Now I am sure if you don't open this stuff it Will last forever but once it is opened it says to "refrigerate after opening" I threw the 2 jars out. Guess what next thing I know they are back on the counter again. I ask her what she is doing ? She "uses" them. for what she has a dozen under the sink in the kitchen covered by dust, like every other thing in that house including her dog. I keeping looking during the week still on the counter, now with bananas with fruit flies on them. It is hard not to call DSS or the health department. I throw out the the old bottles with the trash on Friday.

Do I need to post the pics of her kitchen so her brothers and the rest of the family can see. Can I shame her into doing some cleaning?

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